Guide in Choosing Shavers For Black Bald Heads

Going bald may not be for everyone. For those who want to go slick and hairless, going bald may mean a whole new world for you. There is always a thing or more to be grateful about, nonetheless. Even if you just needed to have that hairless head just because you are balding. And if you are in for baldness, you will definitely need to consider this guide for shavers for black bald head.

Shavers For Black Bald Heads

Before, you heard them say, “Black is beautiful.” Today, you will hear better, “Bald is beautiful.”

Nowadays, a clean-shaven head is associated with masculinity, authority, better skills and judgment, even an overall personality. Consider Michael Jordan, Dwayne Johnson, Boris Kodjoe, Tyson Beckford, and many other black men who chose to be bald and bold.

Why go bald?

Whether you are in it just to have an interestingly new cut or to cover a balding area on your head, it might add to the pleasure to know that those who have tried the shaved head actually found it liberating. Both men and women who have determined to have a clean-shaven head report to have experienced a natural boost to their personalities. It felt like they don’t need to put on extra effort to be noticed and admired. It is also a simple and practical way to maintain a good look.

With a bald head, you won’t need to see your hairstylist for as long as you want to keep that fuzz-free head. As long as you know the tricks and have the right tools to do keep your crown looking clean and smooth, you won’t have to spend another hour or more waiting for your hair to be styled the way you want it to.

Effortless Beauty

With a black bald head, you won’t need to battle with unruly locks, split ends, brittle hair, and whatever possible hair-raising problems that you may have before you decided to have your lock cut to the ends. Once you have the initial shave done, all you need to focus on is applying the proper maintenance practice to keep on keeping the best bald-looking head ever.

Guide in Choosing Shavers for Black Bald Heads

The first time you had your head free of hair, you may have asked yourself, “why didn’t I thought of this a long time ago?” You may have flaunted the new look with swag. Perhaps those who have not noticed you before now have all oohs and ahhs whenever you pass by. Well, hello gorgeous. You are not the only one, though. Many other personalities have found their faces on the pages of the People Magazine and dubbed as one of the “Most Beautiful Pages in the World,” including those already mentioned.

Think about singer, actor, comedian Jamie Foxx or rapper turned actor LL Cool J. How cool do they really look with those shaved crowns. What about actor Morris Chestnut? For sure you have other names on your head and if you just go back to their photos, you will get what we mean when we say that you can really rock it proudly with a totally shaved head.

Maintain That Clean-Shaven Look

You need to remember that your hair may grow back and you will need to have it shaved after a couple of days if you want to maintain that bad-ass look.

When it comes to the razors for your head, you need to make sure to use the right shaver to make sure that all you will have is a slick and cool hairless head that your woman won’t mind planting a kiss on.

There are several great shavers available in the market today, including the ever-reliable Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power Men’s Razor. Reach difficult spots easily as this razor smoothly follows the contour of your head. It also has an anti-friction blade system that ensures there will be less to no pull each time you run the blade down your head.

You will also need a pre-shave oil, moisturizer, a shave cream, a healing balm, and a sunscreen to protect your crown from unexpected elements.

As your head will also catch dust and other pollutants, you will have to shampoo and condition your head just as you did when you still have your lock. Just make sure that all the products that you keep and use are all made to keep your bald head looking bold as you want it.