Choosing the Best Waterproof Headlamp

There are just too many things that you can do when you can see all there is around us. But when an activity requires that you do things in the dark, choosing the best waterproof headlamp is one of the things you need to consider. When camping, night fishing, looking for something or someone lost or navigating the road where there is less visibility because of fog, rain, or there is simply darkness everywhere, a headlamp is one device that you should have with you.


Waterproof Headlamp

Wearing a headlamp allows you to view your surroundings while giving freedom to your hands to do as it is designed. It makes it easier to navigate and do other things like when you’re biking, fishing, reading in the dark, investigating in a dark location, or doing anything else that will require you to use both of your hands at the same time while in a dark locality.

Choosing the Best Waterproof Headlamp

There are so many choices when it comes to headlamps. And for those who are looking for a good option, there are some things that you should think about before actually buying one.

Lumens or the light output of the device

This should not be confused with what most know as “watts” or the amount of energy required to power up a device. Lumens can tell you how much light will be given off by a waterproof headlamp. The lower the lumens level of a device the smaller the amount of energy it will require to keep the lamp powered. Those that comes with a lower lumen range are generally used for camping or when an activity needs to be done in groups. This will give anyone using the device the right amount of brightness that will be comfortable enough to interact with others.

For activities that demands navigating in a pitch black environment like caves, mountain climbing, and night fishing, or any activity that requires a larger area to be lightened up, a headlamp that comes with a high lumen level should be the top pick. Take note, again that the life of the battery inside the device depends on the lumen’s level. To help extend the battery life of the device, manufacturers design many models of these headlamps with a dimmer or a feature that can be used to adjust the amount of lumens emitted by the device.

Beam Type

It is also important to check type of beam that the device emits. Headlamps are usually designed to provide either of these two beam types: a floodlight and a wide (spot) beam. There are higher-end models allows to switch to either mode and is a versatile option for a headlamp.

Flood beams are generally used for general camping activities or any activity that won’t require a great distance to be covered with light.

Spot light. Headlamps that are designed to emit spot lights permits long-distance viewing. So, if you will often be needing a light that can be used to navigate a larger space, this could be a better option.

Beam Distance

When looking for the perfect headlamp, it is best to consider the distance that the device can cover. Knowing how far the device can project usable light is critical, especially when you will be using the headlamp when rappelling, cycling or simply navigating when there less or zero visibilities. The farther the distance the beam is projected, the quicker it is for the headlamp’s battery to get drained.


It is also important to note the runtime or the length of time that the device will be able to produce usable light, especially if the headlamp comes with adjustable modes. If you plan to bring a headlamp for an overnight camping or will be needing it for a good number of hours, make sure to bring extra batteries or opt for a rechargeable headlamp instead.

Size and Weight

The size and the weight of the device usually determine the features previously mentioned, so it is best that you weight the advantages and disadvantages of the options that you have to get the most value from your device.

Power source

These lighting devices may be made available with AAA or AA batteries. There are models that come with a mini usb charging ports that makes it easy to recharge the device whenever a power source is available.

Water resistant

Many headlamps offer this feature but they also come with a higher price tag.

Other features

Additional features that may be available with the options that you may have are as follows: dimmer function, light sensors, and lock-out feature.

It is best that you check everything that will add value to your purchase to make sure that you will be choosing the best waterproof headlamp.