We have Updated Dates for El Salvador Trip! April 20th-27th 2015

Come join Tim Sanford of Paddle Method and Tyler Lennon of Cove Paddle Fitness and our partners Puro Surf on a fun and relaxing Stand Up Paddleboard and SUP Surf adventure in the beautiful country of El Salvador. This trip is designed for beginner and intermediate paddlers to learn SUP surfing and explore the beautiful country of El Salvador on a SUP.


Only a four hour flight from Los Angeles, El Salvador is close, accessible and offers some of the best SUP surfing conditions in Central America (as well as estuaries, volcanic craters and river paddling opportunities!). This is a chance to paddle, surf and relax in El Salvador’s warm waters, endless sandy point breaks, volcanic crater lakes as well as calm estuaries dotted with stilted Palapas serving cold drinks and the freshest ceviche imaginable.


This is a one of kind, fully guided SUP surf and El Salvador adventure! Our partners, Puro Surf, will be our guides and hosts for the duration of our stay. Salvador Castellano and his son Marcello are two “Renaissance” men in every way. Salvador has been the El Salvadoran national news anchor on Univision Central American . . . while his son, Marcello, is not just the two time national surf champion of El Salvador but also a talented and trained chef.


Our El Salvador SUP surf adventure will include both local history and cultural notes from a man who has seen and reported on it all as well as a national surf champion both of whom will make our trip a truly incredibly trip of a lifetime adventure!

For more info go to our website! https://www.covepaddlefitness.com/trips

Balanced Life

“Strengthening your Core”


Balanced Life is:

A life strategy that combines valuable teaching on core life principles, with land and sea fitness activities such as Stand up Paddle. Through Balance Life Events, groups are empowered with tools that not only help them achieve a healthy perspective, but those which can help them thrive spiritually and physically—all in a fun casual environment.


Balanced Life Philosophy:

There’s much discussion among fitness trainers about the importance of maintaining a strong core; that area involving the abdominals, and the muscles in the hips and back. Just as a healthy core provides the body with balance, stability and power, a weak core can result in poor posture, and leave one prone to injury. The same concept is true for other core issues in life. Whether it involves faith, relationships, career, or health in general, if any of these areas are weak, the result can be a life that’s out of balance, unfulfilled, and void of purpose and wholeness. Balance Life addresses all these issues, tending to each one with a network of experts trained to help people restore harmony and thrive, all while learning to Balance Life.

Balanced Life in Action

Where do Balanced Life Events take place?

Balance Life events can occur wherever weather permits. And because activities can center on land as well as water, they can accommodate groups in any location, climate, or environment. And this flexibility also opens up the possibility for events to happen in amazing exotic locations around the world, which makes the Balance Life experience great for company, church, or group retreats as well.


Who do Balanced Life Events cater to?

Balance Life Events work well for just about any organized gathering of people no matter how large or small. Whether it’s families, business leaders, clergy, young adults, schools, or church groups. It’s a powerful experience for everyone who wants to participate.


When do Balanced Life Events occur?

Balance Life Events are scheduled around the times that are the most convenient for whomever they’re working with—the group sets the schedule. Whether it’s a few hours in the morning before work, or a week long retreat in an exotic location. Balance Life can cater to your group’s needs.