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Any Malibu local will tell you, there are few better places to stand-up paddle board.  Most everyone who is fortunate enough to have a Mailbu beach front property feels blessed to have such a fantastic playground right in their backyard. Largely protected from the wind by both the Big Dume and Little Dume peninsulas, on most any day you can enjoy paddling down the coastline of many of the secluded Malibu beaches even when the late afternoon trade winds fill in.  For anyone unfamiliar with the various Mailbu launch spots, or simply looking for some helpful SUP instruction, Malibu local and TRUition Coach Tyler Lennon is the go-to personal guide.

After years of watching Laird Hamilton and his Malibu Mob paddling back and forth in the various coves and popular surf spots (and of course surfing the great breaks), Tyler Lennon decided take up SUP himself and get in on the action. Tyler grew to enjoy the sport so much, he decided to start his own SUP instruction and paddle board rental business. Now 3 years into his new venture, Tyler has assisted over 1,000 people learn the basics of SUP, and experience the beauty of the Mailbu coastline.

Try SUP with TRUition Coach Tyler Lennon

Originally an avid surfer, Tyler brings his years of experience on the water to ensure his clients have a safe and fun experience. Tyler tells all of his clients, “in my program safety always comes first, followed by a total escape from the pressures of the everyday world”. The key, as Tyler explains, “is to learn how to launch and land safely”. Tyler provides a few minutes of land based instruction prior to putting anyone on the water. Once out past the shore break, even first timers are immediately taken in by the peacefulness of stand-up paddle boarding. As Tyler puts it, “it’s the closest thing to walking on water.”

Many of Tyler’s clients are Los Angeles and Malibu locals looking to SUP in order to diversify their fitness program and get into shape, but he also gets frequent vacationers from across the country looking to experience Malibu. To further help his clients, Tyler recently became a TRUition Coach and TRUition distributor. Understanding the importance of proper nutrition to achieving results, Tyler wanted to ensure his customers had the support they need to achieve 100% of their fitness goals.

In addition to his paddle board business, Tyler donates much of his time to charitable activities, including assisting with team building actives for RainCatcher. “Dedicated to healing communities by providing clean water to children”, RainCacther assist villages in Africa develop harvesting systems for collecting rainwater. Not surprisingly, both Gabby and Laird are members of RainCatcher’s Board of Directors, and highly involved in supporting their efforts.

Tyler’s confidence in the quality of TRUition products and faith in the G&L team has now extended to him becoming a TRUition Rep, and he has referred several local surf shops and fitness centers who have opened TRUition distributor accounts. His contagious passion for fitness and proper nutrition, combined with his sincere love for stand-up paddle boarding and commitment to supporting philanthropic activities has made Tyler a perfect fit as a representative of TRUition. We are proud to have Tyler helping join our cause of influencing more people to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and enjoying the higher quality of life that comes from healthy living.

To schedule a Mailbu SUP session with Tyler Lennon go to Cove Paddle and Fitness or call 310-429-2058.

For more information on RainCatcher, or to make a donation, go to

Written by
John Wildman
The G&L Team


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