Hakanui Adventures!


Hakanui Adventure!

Last October I had the opportunity to go on the most amazing trip with my Family to Tahiti and stay on a Private Island. My 5 year old son Rand is still talking about it and drawing pictures of his trip it made such an impression on him. Well the exciting news is that my friends Kate and Naia who own the Island have officially launched Hakanui Adventures and are giving people the opportunity to experience Tahiti in an amazing way. Im partnering with them in sharing the word about this amazing place and to hopefully get groups to enjoy the Water Adventures and enjoy the Island. Check out our Trips Page for more Information!

Private LifeGuard!

If you are in need of a Private Lifeguard for your Private Pool Party or Event please Give me a Call 310-429-2058 0r e-mail tyler@covepaddlefitness.com

Tahiti Fun!!

DSCF2203Just got back from an amazing trip to stay on a Private Island in Tahiti! But the best thing  about it I will get to  take other people to experience this amazing place in 2016 on our Balanced Life Retreats, where you will experience SUP, Surf, Snorkel, Hiking hanging out with top Watermen and Women, Tahitian Dance and Music and amazing Food! Meanwhile Paddling in Malibu in the Fall can be some of the best times to be on the water with a Paddle Board, Hot Indian Summer Days, Clear Water and little swell. So Give me a call and I will get you out in the water!

Tyler Lennon


Best of LA 2015!

Stoked for Cove Paddle Fitness to get picked for best SUP Lessons for Los Angeles Magazine, Best of LA 2015.


Best la #1

Best of la #2

Creating Balance, On the Water and In Your Family!

An Exercise in Balance: Stand up Paddle Life Lessons

So often in the busy-ness of our fast-paced world we forget how important it can be to create and maintain a balance in life.

“Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete; it’s a sense of harmony. It is essential to maintaining quality in life and work.” says Natalie Gahrmann, Mom MD. author, workshop/seminar leader, writer, success coach and expert in work/life mastery.

Cove Paddle FitOur friend and partner Tyler Lennon, founder of Cove Paddle Fitness, believes that balance stems from our core, both physically, and in life.

“There’s much discussion among fitness trainers about the importance of maintaining a strong core; that area involving the abdominals, and the muscles in the hips and back.” Tyler explains, “Just as a healthy core provides the body with balance, stability and power, a weak core can result in poor posture, and leave one prone to injury. The same concept is true for other core issues in life.”

After watching famed surfer Laird Hamilton glide across the water on a stand-up paddleboard five years ago, Tyler invested in his own SUP board and now works with families of all shapes and sizes to foster a greater sense of balance through stand-up paddleboarding.

“When I look at SUP there are a lot of life lessons you can learn on the water,” Tyler explains, “whether it involves faith, relationships, career, or health in general, if any of these areas are weak, the result can be a life that’s out of balance, unfulfilled, and void of purpose and wholeness.”

LW core fitness

Stand-up paddleboarding is a far more efficient, and enjoyable way of strengthening family bonds and bringing relational balance to you and your loved ones.

– Keep your head up, looking straight: 80% of your ability to balance depends on where your eyes are focused, and what direction your head points. When you stand on a paddleboard you are coached to keep your shoulders relaxed and down, head up, and eyes straight. Keeping your eyes on the horizon, and in the figurative sense, on your goals, allows you to move directly towards them.

– Strengthens your physical core, as well as your family unit: Paddleboarding is a calorie-burning, low-intensity workout. Due to the number of muscles it takes to maintain your balance at the same time as propelling your board across the water with a paddle, you strengthen your abdominals, arms, legs, back, and shoulders, creating a full-body workout. At the same time, watching your dad wobble to maintain his balance, or wondering if your sister is going to accidentally take a swim, strengthens your smile, and gives your family a chance to connect in an organic, joyful, and safe space.

– A time simply to connect: Working hard, orchestrating the needs of a household, and navigating towards the ambitious goals today’s families and leaders set for ourselves doesn’t leave much time to simply relax and connect with friends and family. Without taking that intentional time, we can quickly find ourselves out of social balance. Stand-up paddleboarding is a social sport and since most cell-phones can’t swim, it offers a chance to disconnect from our digital world and slide across the water while talking, laughing, and simply enjoying the sun and surf with friends and family.

– Coming together to overcome fears: Fear can keep us from living our lives to the fullest, and trying new things can be a daunting experience. When families come together to encourage one-another, and learn a new skill together, they positively reinforce a caring family unit. Fear of falling off the paddleboard into the ocean is the most common adverse reaction, yet with the empathy and empowerment of family, once someone takes a refreshing spill into the calm water, everyone realizes the initial fear was unnecessary and they relax even further.

– Relaxation is essential: Trying to accomplish all the goals and tasks essential in our busy lives can be exhausting, and when do we take time to truly relax? Waves and bumpy conditions can represent life’s distractions, problems, and hurtles. When paddle-boarding you need to be flexible and relax in order to go with the wave and adjust your body to balance. Before you know it this skill is trained int every muscle and has an incredible impact on your everyday life.

Whether making new friends or coming together with family, stand-up paddleboarding is one of our favorite exercises for mind, body, and soul.

“Whether it involves faith, relationships, career, or health in general, if any of these areas are weak, life can become out of balance. When you live unbalanced for too long you begin to feel unfulfilled, and void of purpose and wholeness.” Tyler explains, “Through valuable teaching on core life principles using tools like land and sea fitness activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, groups are empowered with tools that not only help achieve a healthy perspective, but create spiritual and physical wellness — all in a fun and casual environment.”

Tyler and Christie Lennon

For more on Cove Paddle Fitness visit:

Living Well Family Office, Ground Swell Supply!


Hope you are having a wonderful Spring and gearing up for a great Summer. You will see I have highlighted some great new partnerships that we have with CPF below in this newsletter. Very excited to be in relationships with people who truly care about others and want their business to reflect that care. One is Kristofer Gray of Living Well Family Office and another is Trevor Berge of Ground Swell Supply. Check Out their Website!

I also just wanted you to know that Flipper is waiting for you to come out for another SUP lesson or rental this summer 🙂

Living Well Family Office
Building Sustainable Families
family * health * wealth

Excited to partner with my new friends at Living Well Family Office based here in Malibu!
The goal is to help build sustainable families focusing on their family relationships,health and their wealth through family meetings and health retreats in Malibu and many other places around the world.Check out their website for more information! www.livingwellfamilyoffice.com

Ground Swell Supply
Great Surf, Skate and SUP Products

One of my Dear Friends Trevor Berge is owner of Ground Swell Supply a great online Surf, Skate and SUP store that has amazing products and also helps support great causes around the world. He has offered a 20% discount code for all products except SUP,Surf boards to my CPF Clients and Friends. Go to his website and plug in CP20 www.groundswellsupply.com

Spring is here and a great time to Paddle in Malibu!

Johny #6

Spring is here and a great time to Paddle in Malibu! For more information on Stand up Paddle Lessons or Rentals in Malibu please give me a call or e-mail!

Tyler Lennon




El Salvador Trip and Pilates and Paddle!

Last Call for our El Salvador Trip on April 20th-27th 2015 the deadline is March 21st! Also we will be having our Pilates and Paddle class on March 28th in Malibu if your interested give us a call.El Salvador Stand Up Paddle Board Package Trip

Tyler Lennon

Cove Paddle Fitness

We have Updated Dates for El Salvador Trip! April 20th-27th 2015

April 20th-27th 2015!

Come join Tim Sanford of Paddle Method and Tyler Lennon of Cove Paddle Fitness and our partners Puro Surf on a fun and relaxing Stand Up Paddleboard and SUP Surf adventure in the beautiful country of El Salvador. This trip is designed for beginner and intermediate paddlers to learn SUP surfing and explore the beautiful country of El Salvador on a SUP.


Only a four hour flight from Los Angeles, El Salvador is close, accessible and offers some of the best SUP surfing conditions in Central America (as well as estuaries, volcanic craters and river paddling opportunities!). This is a chance to paddle, surf and relax in El Salvador’s warm waters, endless sandy point breaks, volcanic crater lakes as well as calm estuaries dotted with stilted Palapas serving cold drinks and the freshest ceviche imaginable.


This is a one of kind, fully guided SUP surf and El Salvador adventure! Our partners, Puro Surf, will be our guides and hosts for the duration of our stay. Salvador Castellano and his son Marcello are two “Renaissance” men in every way. Salvador has been the El Salvadoran national news anchor on Univision Central American . . . while his son, Marcello, is not just the two time national surf champion of El Salvador but also a talented and trained chef.


Our El Salvador SUP surf adventure will include both local history and cultural notes from a man who has seen and reported on it all as well as a national surf champion both of whom will make our trip a truly incredibly trip of a lifetime adventure!

For more info go to our website! http://www.covepaddlefitness.com/trips


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