PILATES AND PADDLE BOARDING; Rise to an Exciting New Challenge this Spring

beach pilates single leg balance

Have you wanted to gracefully ride on the ocean, powerfully paddling and seeing the expansive Malibu coastline from another perspective? Do you feel your surfing and paddling need an extra boost of core power, that Pilates can offer? Join Jennifer Beamer of Empower Pilates Malibu (www.Empowerpilatesmalibu.com) and Tyler Lennon of Cove Paddle Fitness (www.CovePaddleFitness.com) for a dynamic new experience in balanced fitness and health; PILATES AND PADDLE BOARDING along the stunning Malibu Coastline. Start the day practicing efficient alignment engaging core power, raising proprioception (body sense) in an energizing pilates class with your toes in the sand. Then set your supported body into action on a paddle board, propelling yourself gracefully across the water guided by Tyler’s insightful coaching. Jennifer and I are both dedicated to guiding people to move well, with alignment and balance, and to have fun in the dynamic outdoors. We welcome you to join us. Special Events: 1) April launch with Malibu Beach Inn, 2) May 4 National Pilates Day

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