Cove Paddle Fitness

Fall Is Here and great time to Stand up Paddle in Malibu!

  Hope you had a great Summer! It was quite a warm summer here in Malibu and it has continued here in October. Fall here in Malibu can be such a great time to enjoy the ocean on a Paddle Board. The waves calm down and the water gets very clear and the sun is out! So go ahead […]


Pilates and Paddle!

  We will be having our next Pilates and Paddle Class Saturday September 27th 8:00am-10:00am in Malibu. Jennifer Beamer will be leading an hour Pilate class on beach and yours truly will be taking you out for a 1 hour paddle session afterward. If you would like to sign up for class please let me know. Space […]


Summer is Here!

  Normally early summer in LA can be a little over cast and cooler at the beach but we have started the summer  with warm water and great temperatures at the Beach. I do not remember having such great conditions so early in the summer season. So bring your friends or family  and enjoy a time on […]

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